The development of artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions from end to end requires input from a variety of roles. At HyperDimensions Research, we do our best to deliver relevant and impactful custom AI software solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We do our work to propel your business and help you innovate with less risk and achieve better results.

Being a leading AI software development firm, we aspire to build state-of-the-art custom solutions to help you bring your business to a new level and leave your competitors far behind.


Everything we do, we believe that ‘AI can enable humans to focus on parts of their role that add the most value’. The way we deliver achievements is by helping accomplish business goals through innovative engagements & talented resources. We happen to serve businesses by delivering AI and data science solutions, technology platforms.


We are AI first & Data Science Company offering technology solutions, it infrastructure, competent talent & corporate Trainings.


“Be all wish fulfilling bot of our clients"


             Value conscious performance

             Equal opportunities that uphold dignity and respect

             Team work through trust and communication

             Planet friendly practices to leave behind responsible legacy

             Respect for local culture, language and beliefs


         *Board of Directors

                 Ashok Kumar Jha

                 Rachna Jha

         *Board of Advisors

                 Ashok Kumar Jha

                 Rachna Jha


                 Akshay Jha : Founder & CEO

                 Ravi P S : Co-Founder


        We always keep track of emerging technologies to deliver future-oriented solutions.

             Deep Learning

             Computer Vision

             Text Analysis

             Predictive Analytics